Hoop Art & Sideview Butterfly

Vickie Y from On The Fringe sharing a hoop art project and a fun card with you today using the Sideview Butterfly Exclusive Die.

First up is the hoop art:

Using an embroidery hoop is a fun and easy way to use your dies.  For this project I used a 5 inch hoop and some fabric and lace from my stash.  The sideview butterfly was cut using black cardstock.  To embellish the hoop I spiral hand-cut the felt and rolled it to create the rolled flower and adhered it to the ribbon fabric leaves.  Adhesive pearls were used as accents.  To finish the hoop I created a double loop gingham ribbon bow.

Here is the card that will be presented with the hoop as a way to say thank you to a good friend:

Here is the die used with the hoop and the card:


  1. Vickie both are absolutely beautiful! What a creative idea with the hoop...love!!

  2. Beautiful card and such a lovely die! I only just discovered Cheapo Dies and am delighted to see you ship to the UK. And I really love your ethical approach to selling whereby you won't entertain 'knock-off' dies. No matter how expensive we a may think they are it isn't right to steal others idea and I applaud you for your stance.

    Di x

  3. Oh how funny - the two commented above are Blogland friends of mine - it was Gloria who gave you the shout out that led me here. x

  4. So beautiful! I just got my order from Cheapo Dies and used my very first one tonight. I love them and it cut perfectly the first time. I wanted a lot of them but limited my first order to only a few but you can be sure I will order again.



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